Highstage is an engineering management tool aimed to streamline and boost the product development process. Highstage contains the core modules Actions, Documents, Parts and Devices, that are designed to help boost productivity in product development


The various Highstage modules can be used in a variety of combinations, depending on which business processes you want to improve. From the simplest document control system, to the corporate wide, full fledged, PLM System


Document Management System

Manage documents with revisions, review/approval workflow and automated content.


  • Document module

Quality Management System

Manage Quality/HSE policies, procedures and flowcharts. Implement a live NON-conformity system (with Action Module)


  • Document module
  • Action module (optional: for process workflow management)

Product Data Management

Manage products and components. Structure the release process and manage variants. Involve supply chain.


  • Part Module
  • Document module

Product Lifecycle Management

Manage customer complaints, change and development processes. Build life cycle history on delivered units.


  • Part module
  • Document module
  • Action module
  • Device module (optional)

Independent PDM/PLM supplier

Highstage is an independent PDM/PLM supplier, meaning that we handle any kind of CAD (MCAD/ECAD) in our system.

Highstage Modules

Each of these modules provide a large set of features, which in total make up Highstage. Read more about the various modules on this page, or contact the Highstage team.

Document Module

The Document module is designed for professional Document Management in knowledge-intensive companies. It is particularly valuable for companies working in highly regulated industries, like the medical device industry.

Empower your document workflow with review and approval processes, have full control over revisions, get rid of filestores, and find all document with one single search term.

Simply make use of best practice document control.

Read more about the document module

Action Module

The Action module provides a simplified process model for managing activities like projects, product development, requirements, features, bugs and customer support.

Actions are customized to the business needs and can be very detailed and stringent, or simple and flexible. The Action-processes may also be hierarchical. A customer-support process may, for instance, reference a defect-process or a project-process may reference a sub-project etc. 

Read more about the action module

Part Module

The Part Module manages all parts associated with complete products and supporting systems down to screws, nuts and bolts. It is an advanced BOM management system, where each item is revision controlled, and where advanced product assemblies can be defined and maintained.

It is a pre-requisite to implement stringent change management and a platform for a full PLM system.

Read more about the part module

Device Module

The Device Module manages and documents device configurations as they are built, installed, operated and maintained. Devices are built according to an approved/release part (MasterPart), thereby giving both a “where used” for product designs, and the master part design for delivered devices.

The Device Module can be used to track serial number items, lots and batches. It also supports device assemblies. Each device has a lifecycle and can store documents and other data throughout its lifecycle, such as service reports, calibration certificates, customers complaints, IoT data, etc.

Read more about the device module

100% web-based

Highstage is 100% web-based. It runs on any local or cloud server (Azure, AWS, etc.), and can be made available for any authorized user on any PC/Mac on any browser.