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Complete Project Management

Highstage enables a working methodology where all work and info is done in the same context. Highstage can be used to tear down your silos - both internally and externally.

The product managers and project managers will share a common and complete overview over the project and product.

It is crucial to meet deadlines and budgets in the product industry. You can miss "window of opportunity" or destroy your margins if you don't hit your target. Lack of control and overview can be the main reasons for not hitting targets.


Full control for the project manager

The project manager will of course enjoy the same information as the product manager. In addition, the project manager can extend his monitoring and control capabilities:

Activity progress Create activities with stages and gates for crititcal processes/tasks in the project, using the Highstage Action module. Assign resources for each stage, and set deadline for gates. Get full overview over the project in the Action overview page. See who is overloaded, re-assign resources to the the progress you need.

Deploy company quality system With the Highstage Action Module, you can actually make the company quality system work for you. And help your team work in full adherence with the procedures.

An action can be specified to mimic the actual quality procedure, collecting the metadata and documents you require. By defining mandatory documents, you make sure these documents are created, reviewed and approved, and you make sure the correct templates are used.

Full control for the product manager too?

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