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Complete Product Management

Highstage enables a working methodology where all work and info is done in the same context. Highstage can be used to tear down your silos - both internally and externally.

The product managers and project managers will share a common and complete overview over the project and product.

It is crucial to meet deadlines and budgets in the product industry. You can miss "window of opportunity" or destroy your margins if you don't hit your target. Lack of control and overview can be the main reasons for not hitting targets.

Full control for the product manager

Some aspects of product management where Highstage can provide you much better control:

Requirement management Make sure your requirements are managed properly. Make sure all knows that the requirements are, where they can be found, and what version is the correct one. Make sure that documents are reviewed, approved and electronically signed. Use Hightage references to make sure a specific revision of the requirements documents refers to a specific revision of the product. 

Product development status Use Highstage to get a view of the product status in the glimpse of an eye. Organize all parts and documents of a product in a logical and structured product assembly. Assign responsible to each part/document, and monitor the overall product status by colour codes. This can include test, verification and validation reports, to get the whole project overview.

Product release With the Highstage PART module, your product release process is automatically structured and streamlined.

References play a key role. Build your BOM Structure as deep and advanced as necessary, and make sure to use reference locks. References mandates that you approve/release the children prior to approving the parent. In this way, a bottom-up approval process is deployed, ensuring that components are approved prior to sub-assemblies, main assemblies, etc.

The product can then only be released when the hole assembly is approved.

If verification/validation files are referenced from BOM Components, the product will not be released until all these documents are filled in and approved, ensuring that products can'b be released without proper testing and validation.

Variants Re-use your design again and again. Save time and money on creating any number of variants based on a standardized core design. Re-issue variants without having to re-issue other variants based on the same core design. 

Full control for the project manager too?

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